Welcome to the SUIDLANDERS privacy policy. SUIDLANDERS hereby undertake to take all reasonable steps to protect the personal and confidential information of our users and members. By using any of the SUIDLANDERS electronic application or written application forms you signify that you accept this privacy policy.

The Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013 describes personal information as information relating to the identifiable, living, natural person and where applicable, an identifiable, existing juristic person, including names, identity numbers, contact details, location information and nationality.

The Electronic Communications and Transaction Act, No. 25 of 2002 also contains certain principles regarding the electronic collection of personal information. We have implemented various strategems to unsure that your right to privacy is protected.

This policy discribes how we manage the information we collect and also what information is collected in various curcumstances across our various electronic platforms.

We strive to comply with the abovementioned Acts by disclosing to our members and users of our platforms the methods that we employ to keep personel and confidential information safe. We hereby also wish to inform you how we use the information that you provide to us.


According to the abovementioned acts, we require your consent. By using any of our applications you thereby agree to the specific terms and conditions of those applications that might include the collection of certain information that might vary from application to application.

For the use of our website or any web based programs we use standard “cookies” like most other websites. This information is used to determine usage statistics and traffic.

As a paying member of the SUIDLANDERS we only require enough information for a valid debitorder mandate that would legally be accepted by the banks. The information out of the mobi-mandate application form that we use for something other than a legal payment instruction is the name, surname, cell number and province of residence. This information is to make contact (as requested by the member) and to add to our various social media communication services.

Your information is given to our payment provider that facilitates the debitorders. They are under strict regulation on how the information is handled by agreements with us and particularly by banking regulation.

The payment provider uses servers that are behind a hardware gateway (Mountain Box) firewall. Servers all runs Windows defender. Their servers are monitored and managed daily. Depending on the scope of the patch, stability of the patch and the testing on our QA servers, patches will be applied to the live environments. servers make use of Microsoft software packages. Current windows server version running on testing, QA and Live range from Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. Activity logs are monitored weekly for intrusions or threats. Software logs include login attempts, API call attempts etc. Only system administrators have access to the servers and their servers are sitauted on site. The server room is behind security gates, connected to solar systems and generators to keep in running 24/7. The building has a high tec security system. All data that flows to their endpoints make use of SSL Certificate from LAWTRUST. Data traffic is encrypted.

As a payment provider TPPP/System Operator, they need to keep any transactional data for

up to 5 years according to section 13. If no transaction is linked to the data loaded on our

system, a request can be made, and we will remove the records.

SUIDLANDER administrative staff work remotely and securly on these platforms.

On our coordinates platform we collect email adresses and cellphone numbers for the purpouse of cross referencing the information with our membership database to grant or deny access.

We also grant access to our membership infromation to a third party that developes and manages the SUIDLANDER smartphone app. This development contract is under strict don-disclosure agreement by the third party. All information is held on ‘n SUIDLANDER server and never held by the third party. The server has such and such security features.

The only additional information that the app collects is geographical in nature. This information is used to supply the user with relevant coordinates, alert level information as well as information concerning their local SUIDLANDER representative.


We hereby reserve the right to update, modify, amend and expand the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. You hereby agree to review this policy at a regular interval as you use and visit these applications. The latest amended, published privacy policy will always supersede and replace all previous versions thereof. 

By using any SUIDLANDERS applications you agree to and accept this privacy policy.