Share these pages with everyone. People need to be warned of ‘The Coming Revolution’ and ‘The Future of the West’ so they too can prepare to become part of ‘Our Emergency Plan’. International mainstream media has been proven unreliable time and time again. They cannot be trusted to warn people. But Brexit, Trump and the 2016 Italian Referendum proved that social media and word of mouth is still the best way of sharing the truth. So, go ahead, Share these pages.


Start preparing for disaster. So that, when the time comes, you can help. There are many informative resources on the internet that can assist you in preparing according to your budget.


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Get involved Nationally

  1. Go to our contact list page on website HERE. Find the Suidlander representative in your area and contact them and find out how to get involved with a local group. Go to the meetings and meet other Suidlanders.
  2. Volunteer your time to a Suidlander department, like logistics, communications, medical etc. (Depending on your skill set.)
  3. Join the NoodSMS system HERE for R89p/m and as a subscriber receive a daily messages along with notifications of confirmed protest action in your area as well as full updates of dangerous unrest around the country.
  4. Once you have subscribed to the NoodSMS system you also receive access to the where you can access important information concerning ‘Our Emergency Plan’ and how to prepare. You also gain access to your own evacuation point as discussed in ‘Our Emergency Plan’. This is especially important if you are unable to physically join a group. (For whatever reason.)


Get involved by contacting us at about any of the following:

  • Relevant Inquiries
  • Relevant Cooperation
  • Comments and advice
  • Online questions and answer sessions with management for relevant organizations or companies

  • Media interviews or documentaries
  • Obtaining assistance in the development of an emergency plan
  • Donating to the development of ‘The Emergency plan’

What we do with the Donations

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