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Siener van Rensburg

Nicolaas van Rensburg, who is sometimes known as Siener (Seer) van Rensburg was a deeply pious man, an Afrikaner – in other words a white man whose forefathers came to Africa either from Holland as strict Calvinists from 1652 onwards, France as famously-pious Huguenots around about 40 years later, or Germany – predominantly as single men who were ardent Lutherans who had lost their lands, homes, and jobs during the religious wars against the Catholics of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. These three groups amalgamated within decades into one homogenous group, the Afrikaners, and no discernible distinction was detectable within a very few generations.

More precisely, Nicolaas van Rensburg was what is known as a Boer (lit. farmer) which is the appellation which Afrikaners give to those of them who are conservative[1]. For your readers’ benefit, I must note that this distinction is taken very seriously amongst patriotic Christian Afrikaners.

Van Rensburg means of Rens-town – possibly from the root “Rhenish” i.e. the town(s) of the Rhine (River). Like all older males in Afrikaner culture he was called Oom, or Uncle. To have called him by his names or even Mister would have been, and often still is, regarded as nothing less than gross insolence.

He was a dirt-poor farmer – mostly of sheep but like many farmers of the time he had something of everything. As recorded by contemporary commentators, he would not read a single word which was not on the pages of the Bible. He averted his eyes from all written words (except Biblical). He had precisely 20 days of schooling, and was taught to read by his mother. From a young age he was described as different and later in life people remarked upon his unusual eyes. He was average-to-small in build, and had a timid demeanor. He was thoroughly proper and respectable, as you might expect, but people often observed that he didn’t pay much attention to his outward appearance.

Now, here is where it gets tricky. In order to avoid a long treatise, I am going to have to leave out some information which some might regard as vital to the story.

Nicolaas van Rensburg had something over 700 visions, of which over 400 have come true. Some were delivered quite plainly, whereas others are allegorical and almost unintelligible to mere mortals.

Do you know the story of Josephus and Christ’s prophecy that not one stone of the Jewish temple at Jerusalem would be left on top of another? In 70 AD a man called Josephus witnessed how the Roman general who was besieging the city of Jerusalem, Titus, commanded his soldiers upon pain of death not to damage the temple. Regardless, one rogue soldier tossed a faggot which set a cedar beam on fire which eventually led to the gilding in the temple melting and dripping onto the floor and into the cracks between the stones. In order to recover that terrific amount of gold, every last stone was lifted and removed. Christ’s simple prophecy was realised in unambiguous terms. By contrast, you don’t need me to tell you that other Biblical prophecies are very, very, difficult to understand. My point is: likewise, the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg. Let us chat about a small sample of the easy ones.

Where to begin? The world is blissfully unaware that the modern concentration camp was not invented by the Nazis but by the British who interred Boer women and children to break the spirit of the miniscule, indomitable, force of Boers in the Second War of Freedom a.k.a. the AngloBoer War of 1899 – 1902. In precis, what transpired was this: the Afrikaners established republics; gold and diamonds were discovered; the British promptly annexed the republics; the Boers fought back with <88,000 men, the British deployed an acknowledged minimum of precisely 450,000 men but they were given a hiding, so they burnt down every last Boer farm and placed the women and children (and some servants) in concentration camps which were later exposed to have killed over 20,000 women and children. Indeed, recent archaeological and DNA evidence has demonstrated that at least 34,000 of these Caucasian Christian mothers and children (excluding servants) were murdered by the Crown of Great Britain for gold and diamonds. Nicolaas van Rensburg prophesied that this one incident, or series of incidents, was so grave that the Lord will wipe England from the face of the earth during World War III. There will be no more Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, call them whatever way you like. No more. No remnants and no evidence. Gone. Absent. Forever.

Now that prophecy has, of course not yet come true, but it remains a classic example of his more straightforward prophecies.

During and after World War I Siener van Rensburg explicitly described how there would be another such war, and another one again. We therefore speak, for convenience sake, of his references to WWII and WWIII although those were not the words he used.

Your readers may be interested to know that Siener van Rensburg repeatedly said that this supposed WWIII would overlap with the final struggle of the Boers in South Africa. What’s more, in certain recorded conversations he would apparently answer a query about the beginning of one of the two wars in question with an anecdote pertaining to the omens of the other. This seems to be a clue for us to recognise that the wars will be near-simultaneous and that if we observe the harbingers of the one war then we’ll be able to safeguard ourselves against the other one.

Back to the prophecies. Let’s try one which has already come true. At a point in time very near to the above mentioned prophecy about Great Britain’s deliberate slaughter of Caucasian Christian women and children, Oom Nicolaas told a fellow soldier that two of his children had died in a concentration camp. Two, or three, I forget, days later a letter arrived to that effect. Note: he never fired a shot but he was a soldier inasmuch as he accompanied the Boer kommandos throughout the War of Freedom and again during the rebellion of the Boers against the colonial government’s alliance to Great Britain during World War I. He was in frontline combat units throughout.

Some have suggested that Nicolaas van Rensburg was that most uncommon creature – a prophet with honour in his own country. That is not entirely untrue because he was indeed feted by many former Boer soldiers who had witnessed his miraculous “powers” with their own eyes during the wars, but it is an exaggeration because, as was recorded quite extensively, those who had not witnessed his powers of prophecy first-hand refused to accept the extreme nature of the stories. What’s more, it was especially inaccurate towards the end of his life because Oom Nicolaas prophesied that there would one day be black rule in South Africa. Needless to say, being not even two generations removed from the Berlin Conference which divided-up Africa amongst the colonial powers, that prophecy led to widespread derision and scorn amongst Afrikaners and English-speaking white South Africans, alike.

However, he foretold that one day he’d be “much in the news” again. That day arrived sharply when the reality of South African democracy set in after 27th April 1994. All of a sudden there was an insatiable clamour amongst conservative whites for information about him. As you know, I wrote an article about how I have now witnessed, twice, with my own eyes, that second-hand soft-cover copies of a 1990s book about him are being sold for R2,000 each (that was before our recent currency collapse and it equated to around about $200 United States).

Another nice example of Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies is the continuation of the one which I have just described above. He prophesied that the first black ruler (he generally used the word ruler, rather than governor, president, or leader, when referring to the heads of the black-dominated South African government) would be regarded as a saint. He elaborated by saying that that man would die, and then people would come from all over the world to pay homage and that flags would fly at half-mast and that the man would lie in state for some days, and that many people would be inconsolable with grief. Well, if all of the above did not transpire precisely as prophesied with Nelson Mandela then I don’t know.

Now that we have addressed examples of straightforward prophecies which have not yet come true, and ones which have, let’s examine a few inter-related prophecies which appear as if they might be in the process of manifesting. Permit me to reiterate that I must abbreviate the stories in the interests of brevity, and knowledgeable readers should not be offended if their favourite anecdotes are missing.

Following the death of the first black ruler, or at the time of the death of the first black ruler, and apparently at the time of our final struggle for Christian paramountcy in South Africa, the throne will be occupied by a wicked man. One cannot help but think of President Jacob Zuma who admitted to raping his friend’s daughter, who has 768 outstanding criminal charges against him, who is presently married to five women, and whose one wife committed suicide and blamed him for driving her to it.

Nicolaas van Rensburg described how there would be a severe drought in South Africa at the time when our final struggle begins. As you are aware, last year’s drought was the worst in something like 30 years, and this year’s drought is the worst in ~90 years; one source which I read said that it was categorically the worst in 110 years.

He said that there would be a flood of black and brown-skinned people into Europe at that time. No comment. He foretold that one of the signs would be efforts to remove the Afrikaans language as a medium of instruction. Incredibly, and completely out of the blue, the past seven months have seen huge riots on campuses across South Africa, in which the demands of the black students have primarily been twofold, namely “Get rid of university tuition fees” and “Get rid of Afrikaans”, even at the traditional (A)CHO universities, those Afrikaner universities built on the rigid principle of (Afrikaner) Christen Hoer Onderwys or (Afrikaner) Christian Higher Education.

At the time that he gave the prophecy which follows, Turkey was the Osman Empire, or Ottoman Empire in its Anglicised form. In Oom Nicolaas’s time, or my great-grandfather’s time, the colloquial name Turkey applied, without any reservation, to modern Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, and so on. Turkey = the Ottoman Empire. He prophesied extensively about Turkey setting fire to the hay which would become WWIII. Well, she certainly seems to be doing her utmost, particularly if you take Turkey to mean, as he surely did, the Turkey of Recep Tayip Erdogan, the Syria of Bashar al-Assad, and the Iraq of ISIL/Daesh.

As an aside, your readers may be interested to learn that Siener van Rensburg prophesied that Turkey will provoke Russia beyond endurance and Russia will finally react by invading Turkey, and she over-runs Turkey in one single night. Perhaps we can delve more deeply into the full gamut of his WWIII prophecies another time.

Now, until recently, the prophecy which we’ll address in a moment seemed improbable. Not improbable in the sense of unlikely; our Lord can do anything at any time; but improbable in the sense of immediate. There was no reason to believe that it would – I am tempted to contradict myself and use the word could, happen anytime soon. But you, Sir, will probably be aware of recent and unexpected suggestions that the answer might just have been staring us in the face for quite some time already. To use an American expression, it is so leftfield that one can’t help struggling to accept the explanation; but, on the other hand, it fits. Nicolaas van Rensburg said that at the time of our troubles there would be much agitation from amongst “the Indians”. At another time he spoke of Indians causing a lot of trouble and of him staring down the barrel of a gun from India. (as he explained on various occasions, Nicolaas van Rensburg’s presence in a prophecy always represented the Boer nation). Now, given that South Africa has a population of 1,250,000 to 1,350,000 Indians who came here as long ago as 1860 – in the first group from Madras aboard The Truro, those prophecies appear not to be one-and-the-same thing. Indians causing trouble? Alright, that, without any qualification, naturally means our Indians, surely? But a gun from India to the forehead? That seems to be something else. Perhaps not. What if both references to Indians were to the Gupta family which has, jointly with Jacob Zuma, thrown our entire country into chaos? The Gupta family came to South Africa from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, in 1993. Bear in mind that, on top of everything else, it was the Guptas who twisted the arm of the president to fire our effective Minister of Finance and replace him with a man who cannot count on 9th December 2015.

Just imagine what that means in concrete terms. The costs of paying our sovereign bonds returns increased overnight. Our World Bank loans’ costs increased by astonishing sums of money. Imported fuel, food, and medicine suddenly became more expensive in a country with ~35% unemployment and 16,000,000 living solely on social grants and with just 3,200,000 taxpayers – all thanks to one group of Indians who have held large portions of our economy hostage under the aegis of the ANC. Suddenly, and without contrivance or hyperbole, one can begin to appreciate that there exists a simple, easy, albeit unexpected, potential explanation for Nicolaas van Rensburg’s Indian prophecy or prophecies.

Only time will tell whether or not we are truly beginning to grasp the signs and wonders which Oom Nicolaas foretold of our great struggle. One thing is certain, though: his record is irreproachable and I, for one, cannot think of a single prophet of the past 150 years, globally, of similar irreproachability. Hundreds upon hundreds of his most explicit and straightforward, not to mention improbable, prophecies have manifest unambiguously (and simply). Feel free to let me know if your foreign readers would like to know more about Oom Nicolaas’s prophecies. I am not the foremost authority, but I am sure that with a bit of collaboration we can put something together.

Yours in Christ,


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