Is Total Anarchy Possible?

//Is Total Anarchy Possible?

Is Total Anarchy Possible?

I mean the worst kind of anarchy: life and death conditions in which you have a couple of hours to grab essentials and head for safety as your home and the city you live in have become vulnerable, even susceptible, to chaos?

For many it is a thought so far removed from reality that it’s completely incomprehensible. One is often met with condescending chuckles or outright condemnation – depending on your audience of course – when broaching the subject of total anarchy, never mind touching on the topic of preparation. So much so that you might fancy yourself a modern day Noah, or at least sympathise with the ridicule he endured. The facts which prompt thoughts of total anarchy, such as the riots occurring across our country, stare some squarely in the face yet they do not heed the clear warning. The recent violent protests which erupted in Pretoria in June of this year are another case in point. It was announced by the African National Congress (ANC) that Mayor ‘Sputla’ (Kgosiento Ramokgopa) would not be permitted to stand for another term during the municipal elections of August and that he would be replaced by mayoral candidate Thoko Didiza. The people were up in arms; carefully-planned and executed violent protests broke out. Pretoria was surrounded. The main exit roads were barricaded by burning tyres and angry mobs. There was almost no way out; at least not for an unprepared person. This is not the figment of a colourful imagination. It really happened. The angry mob made their intentions crystal clear: to close all exits and entry points and make the city ungovernable. They succeeded in bringing South Africa’s administrative capital to a complete standstill. Do you think your house will be safe in similar circumstances?

Likewise, South Africa’s higher education institutions are, as we speak, in the tight grip of violent student protests. Buildings are torched, police stoned in casual defiance, vehicles overturned, and pubic property destroyed. They demand #FeesMustFall! (free higher education for all) in a country which has a hard time delivering even the most basic services to its citizens. Even though a few students were arrested and a court order granted against any violent protest action at Witwatersrand University, the motley crew continued to riot in the haze of green smoke grenades and teargas.

Unhappiness regarding housing, employment, service delivery, and the like, are leading to further daily uprisings across the country. The poor have become impatient with their corrupt government and equally-corrupt President Jacob Zuma. There are not enough jobs. They cannot feed their families. In the words of Nigerian novelist Buchi Emecheta: A hungry man is an angry one.

If you look in general at people who live in anarchy, they have quite high rates of death from either homicide or warfare or both. Anarchy is one of the main reasons for violence, and it may be the most important”.

Steven Pinker (Canadian-born scientist and psychologist)

Egged-on by a president who lays the blame for his ineptitude at the feet of a Dutchman, Jan van Riebeeck, who landed on the shores of the Cape in 1652, a president who periodically sings “Bring me my machine gun!” and “Kill the Boer! Kill the Farmer!”; it is no wonder that those discontented, hungry, blacks have killed tens of thousands of white South Africans since the beginning of the reign of the Rainbow Nation in 1994. After all, they have to vent their anger somewhere and where better than towards the productive class which the president blames for their ills.

The Rainbow Nation has become a society in which a certain colour, also a minority group, is unwelcome and progressively excluded, and only mentioned when they are blamed for the ANC ruling party’s failures. As an aside, did you know that, according to the 2015 Mid-Year Statistics SA report, these noxious white South Africans make up just 8.4% (4 534 000) of the country’s population of 54 956 900? Of those whites, the Afrikaner/Boer people who should be shot dead are 1,8 million. That’s 3.28% of the entire population. Let’s say that Statistics SA messed up severely (not for the first time) and call the Afrikaners 5% of the country’s population. One in twenty people – none of whom is represented in the ruling party’s senior structures, is supposedly so overwhelmingly responsible for the country’s ills that the president feels entitled to call for their wholesale murder.

Numbeo, the world’s largest database of cities and countries across the globe, recently released a crime index rating – based on surveys of users in specific countries – and found South Africa to be the third-most dangerous country in the world (Venezuela and South Sudan respectively ranking highest). Four of our cities made it into the top ten most dangerous in the world. One is hesitant to quote statistics – especially on crime and especially crime statistics formulated in South Africa – but the result is what South Africans perceive their country’s state to be. If that is what the majority of ordinary South Africans feel, then imagine the precarious position the Afrikaner/Boer people find themselves in, being the most excluded and vilified group in South Africa. The attack on their language, culture and heritage is constant and vicious. The excerpt below might clarify the last statement. It is an excerpt of a document, a charge of genocide, laid at the International Court of Justice in The Hague:

Individual members of the Complainant (the Boer-Afrikaner People), are subject to physical and psychological circumstances under which they are being attacked, raped, maimed and murdered in their thousands, whilst hundreds of thousands of survivors have left the Republic of South Africa, their land of birth… and the chances of survival of the Complainant as a recognisable, separate ethnic entity are steadily being destroyed.” 1)

The attacks “show tendency of a certain pattern, organisation and uniformity, to which the Government of the RSA and the ANC … are accomplices… – NOW THEREFORE A CHARGE OF GENOCIDE is hereby laid against Defendant No. 1 (the Government of the RSA) and Defendant No. 2 (the ANC) jointly and severally; with the prayer that the aforesaid charge is investigated on an urgent basis for purposes of prosecution – These charges are being laid on behalf of the Complainant by DIE VERKENNERS-BEWEGING VAN SUID-AFRIKA (translation from Afrikaans: ‘the Scout Movement of South Africa’),”


Far more important than statistics, numbers and polls; and weighing far more heavily on the heart; is the growing number of white crosses at Ysterkoppie Boere Genocide Monument alongside the N1 national highway near Potgietersrus in Limpopo Province. They are a vivid reminder of the thousands of Boer men, women and children who have been brutally killed since the end of Apartheid. They are a reminder that anarchy, perceived danger and dark times ahead become all too relative – depending on who you talk to. Total Anarchy is possible in South Africa.

I would imagine in Noah’s time the chuckles became less frequent; increasingly stifled; as the Great Rains came pouring down. I would also venture to say, based on the facts and circumstances as they are: it’s time to take out your umbrella.

In this case, your umbrella is Suidlanders’ Noodplan. It is constituted under international humanitarian law, notably, but not exclusively, the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12th August 1949, with regard to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflict (Protocol I) of 8th June 1977 as well as the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12th August 1949, and with regard to the Protection of Victims of non-International Conflict (Protocol II), of 8th June 1977, with specific attention to Articles 60 – 69 of Protocol I. Thus, it is a legal and lawful civil defence initiative dedicated to protecting the Afrikaner people as a distinct ethnic group (as specifically provided by the aforementioned laws) in the event of nationwide anarchy.

By Lana Lubbe.

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