SA’s Sunday Times Opinion: “We could plot a revolution & most white people wouldn’t even know”

The revolution will not be translated, writes Ndumiso Ngcobo During the horrible ole days of the ANC-vs-IFP low-intensity warfare of the '90s East Rand, there was an urban legend doing the rounds. Apparently, when the "comrades" were trying to ascertain whether or not an individual was a Zulu from KwaZulu-Natal (read: automatically IFP), they would [...]

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Cuba: Exposing the tyrannical regime the ANC is in love with

BY MIKE SMITH On the 25th of November last year the great Marxist revolutionary Fidel Castro died. In South Africa, the ANC cried for weeks, about their great hero and friend. A few days prior to that Donald Trump became the president of the USA on a Republican ticket and with a lot of anti [...]

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White Privilege in South Africa: Fact or Fiction?

  The politicians of South Africa, especially the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and ANC (African National Congress) place great emphasis on white privilege in South Africa. They preach to the masses how all white South Africans are wealthy and inherited a large trust account and farmland. Their vitriol goes further by claiming that, even if [...]

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