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Is Total Anarchy Possible?

I mean the worst kind of anarchy: life and death conditions in which you have a couple of hours to grab essentials and head for safety as your home and the city you live in have become vulnerable, even susceptible, to chaos? For many it is a thought so far removed from reality that it’s

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If you are angry, count to 10. It’s a well-known saying. The reason that such a simple and, indeed, brief exercise works is that anger is short, something that constantly needs to be stoked to be kept alive. Constant provocation at the beginning of a revolutionary formation forms the basis of anger and violent behaviour.

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The powerlessness of the state regarding the growing violent protest actions across South Africa, is extremely dangerous. At the moment there exists a perception among the revolutionaries that they are going to go up against a formidable opponent = state security. This is an illusion. Luckily they don’t realize it yet, or are they starting

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Future Conferences

One of the most visible and important properties of the Suidlander Noodplan initiative is our consistent direction which we have kept over the years. We have never changed direction, but have constantly continued to develop. This next step in how our structure in terms of progress and expansion will be adjusted, is once again just

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The Emergency Plan Part 1

Suidlanders recently launched the (noodplan means emergency plan in English) website and shortly after that upgraded to a more secure system on the same web address. The is a service which Suidlanders offer to our NoodSMS-system subscribers. One big service which the website offers is the Co-ordinate system. It provides our subscribers with

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Crime Intelligence, a unit of the South African Police Service, has a sub-division which focuses on the cause and prevention of riots and protests. This division’s name, appropriately, is Riot Unit. It is interesting that Crime Intelligence finds it necessary to have a sub-division which investigates protest action. Why is it needed if the protesters

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Druppel klein

New Developments in Die Suidlanders

New Developments in Die Suidlanders Tweetalige readers, such as South African expatriates around the world who read our Afrikaans website, will already know of the exciting events which occurred last Saturday 20th August during the Leadership Council held at the Transvaal Agricultural Union offices in Pretoria. For those who are not familiar with the reports

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South Africa Burns 3

South Africa Burns 3

The past two weeks have seen a massive increase in protest actions of which two was of the largest protest incidents in South Africa to date: The Taxi protest in the Eastern Cape and the #TshwaneUnrest in Pretoria. Stability in South Africa is deteriorating fast. Be Ready.  


Suidlander Manual

Over time, particularly in the past year, the Suidlanders has received numerous requests for information about our founding, the applicable international law, our ethos and Protestant Christian beliefs, and our modus operandi. As the largest civil defence organisation of its type in the world, it stands to reason that we should have developed solutions to

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