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A Reality Check

Here are some interesting statistics: American soldiers killed in combat in Iraq conflict (since 19/3/2003) – 3 528 Other coalition troops killed in combat in Iraq conflict (since 19/3/2003) – 320 American soldiers killed in combat in Afghanistan conflict – 2 358 Other military deaths in combat (coalition forces?) in Afghanistan conflict – 1 127

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You are not guilty.

We are confronted daily with the concept of liberal and conservative mind-sets. Every day we are reminded how the conservatives – or as the mainstream media likes to call us, “right-wingers, white-supremacists, extremists” are the great danger to the democratic world. From it comes a great polarised divide between liberal and conservative. Each of us

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Druppel klein

Welcome to the Suidlanders!

Welcome to The Suidlanders was established in 1996 to spiritually and physically prepare for the persecution that the protestant is now facing. A persecution that is set to get worse. But there is hope. The Suidlanders initiative is vast network of prepared believers. We have an extensive nationwide emergency plan with a country-wide radio communication network. We

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