A shocking illustration of the frequency and intensity of South Africa's protest.

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There are many of us who sincerely give their all for this cause, without recognition, pay or thanks. Know that this works to the glory of our Father in heaven.

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Where it all began. 90% Of the content is in Afrikaans but is very important to read as to understand planned revolutions.

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Druppel klein

New Developments in Die Suidlanders

New Developments in Die Suidlanders Tweetalige readers, such as South African expatriates around the world who read our Afrikaans website, will already know of the exciting events which occurred last Saturday 20th August during the Leadership Council held at the Transvaal Agricultural Union offices in Pretoria. For those who are not familiar with the reports

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South Africa Burns 3

South Africa Burns 3

The past two weeks have seen a massive increase in protest actions of which two was of the largest protest incidents in South Africa to date: The Taxi protest in the Eastern Cape and the #TshwaneUnrest in Pretoria. Stability in South Africa is deteriorating fast. Be Ready.  


Suidlander Manual

Over time, particularly in the past year, the Suidlanders has received numerous requests for information about our founding, the applicable international law, our ethos and Protestant Christian beliefs, and our modus operandi. As the largest civil defence organisation of its type in the world, it stands to reason that we should have developed solutions to

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Messenger of God

The English version of Adriaan Snyman’s ‘Boodskapper van God’ book is now available on Amazon. Nicolaas (Seer) van Rensburg was a modern day Nostradamus. He became a legend during his lifetime and was one of the most remarkable and controversial characters that ever lived in South Africa. Right from its first publication in Afrikaans

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Venezuela Apocalypse

Chávez confiscated the country’s most-productive farms and turned them over tochavistas who don’t know how to farm. Even on farms that were not seized, planting is diminished. Most seeds used in Venezuela are imported and without dollars cannot be had. Farmers are reluctant to plant when the costs are high and the harvests are price-controlled.

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Ex US Diplomat: “Europeans will flee”

A former U.S. Diplomat, Adam Topolansky, has warned that Europeans would eventually flee their country of origin because of the “suicidal” migration policies of their leaders. [1] Western Europe’s willkommenskultur and multiculturalism have been eroding European societies and disintegrating European value systems that were built over thousands of years. – Adam Topolansky worked for the

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Nicolaas Siener van Rensburg Part 2

Back to the prophecies. Let’s try one which has already come true. At a point in time very near to the abovementioned prophecy about Great Britain’s deliberate slaughter of Caucasian Christian women and children, Oom Nicolaas told a fellow soldier that two of his children had died in a concentration camp. Two, or three, I

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Nicolaas Siener van Rensburg Part 1

Nicolaas van Rensburg, who is sometimes known as Siener (Seer) van Rensburg was a deeply pious man, an Afrikaner – in other words a white man whose forefathers came to Africa either from Holland as strict Calvinists from 1652 onwards, France as famously-pious Huguenots around about 40 years later, or Germany – predominantly as single

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Revelations 6:15-17

The below is a an extract from a doomsday bunker building company’s website that caters to  “high net worth individuals”. [1] They construct sprawling bunkers for the extremely wealthy. “People are sensing that a global life-changing event is just ahead. Millions of people believe that we are living in the “end times”.  The governments of the

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