A Betrayal of Values

Martin Warburg

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The near to unanimous support in South Africa’s parliament for tightening BEE legislation implies both a collapse in values within the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance – and portends a further assault on the freedom and independence of the South African private economy.

The passage of this legislation means that an already predatory and openly racist state enterprise is to increase its grip over business and the economy, have a freer hand in engineering distortions in the distribution of resources and be at ever greater liberty to coerce outcomes to its liking. None of these augur well for the nation’s future.

In fact economic disaster and a failed state loom ever larger as possibilities. continue reading »

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Putin’s Letter

RECENT events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.

Relations between us have passed through different stages. We stood against each other during the cold war. But we were also allies once, and defeated the Nazis together. The universal international organization — the United Nations — was then established to prevent such devastation from ever happening again.

The United Nations’ founders understood that decisions affecting war and peace should happen only by consensus, and with America’s consent the veto by Security Council permanent members was enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The profound wisdom of this has underpinned the stability of international relations for decades. continue reading »

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White genocide in hospitals

According to the grieving family of Mr. Hank Janse van Vuuren the Tambo Memorial Hospital on the East Rand left him to suffer in extreme pain with a bleeding ulcer and die.

According to his sister, Mrs. Sean Ruthven, he was only operated on 17 hours after he was admitted, even though it was supposed to be an emergency operation. A lot of excuses have been offered as to why the operation is not seen as an emergency. After the operation, the incision was left open which led to complications. He should have been placed in intensive care, but he was simply placed in his room and left! ”

She had written a report of 5700 words about her brother’s inhuman suffering and is demanding a “public recognition” of negligence by the hospital and the Gauteng health department. continue reading »

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Painting the Picture Part II

In our last post we asked the question: if violence and genocide is expected, surely there would be intelligence agencies that know about such plans. What would we see if they do know about it?

When analysing a potential time of instability in a country, the main focus of protection is not as most would think, the people. You and me might focus on the minority groups that are most likely to become victims in such a time, but those in power would be guarding only one thing, their power. That is to them the most worthy of protecting. So how do you protect your position of power when a society crumbles? You identify the group that will most likely triumph, and preposition yourself to be accepted as a leader for them. You would also see the type of military training that would indicate offensive acts against those groups that most likely pose a threat to your position of power.

Let’s see if this is happening.

continue reading »

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Painting the Picture Part I

In a brilliant piece of journalism by Rebecca Savastio, Graham J Noble and investigative contributors by Laura Oneale & Michael Smith, the Las Vegas Guardian Express published part II of a trilogy (third part still to be published) on the dark side of politics in South Africa. Although their focus largly revolved around the greed among senior officials, some information surfaced that gave clear indication as to some sinister motives surrounding the life (or death) of Nelson Mandela.

Why are the authorities so secretive about his true state of health? Why does no one give clear answers about it, and what is expected when he dies? The Suidlanders can give you a pretty clear picture, but in the tradition of producing facts from newspapers only, lets look at some published statements to draw a conclusion. continue reading »

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Are You Coming?

So why do we really want to let the international community know about the coming genocide in SA? It’s not to get sympathy, we know we won’t be getting it. It’s not to get help from you guys, that we won’t get either, and many of our people don’t want interference when the big conflict comes. Money? Arms? No and no.

This might seem weird to you but most Boer people that are prepared and ready for the coming bloodbath see things in a rather peculiar way. This might not make sense to you at first but go think and pray about this, and see if it starts to make sense.

The reason the Boer folk ended up in the situation we are in, is basically due to the moral, ethical and mostly spiritual deterioration of our people. Worldly possessions, politics and sport have become our idols, and the God that led us to victories in battles where the odds were overwhelmingly against us, lost His rightful place in our hearts and homes. People not true to our folk started chiseling away the conservative and just image that presented the Boer. This despicable character grew among our people, and God gave us in to the hands of the very people we found in this country 361 years ago. People that had no brick one on top of another, and had not invented the wheel by then, are now ruling over us. Well we all know how that is going, just read some of the previous articles. continue reading »

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Photo Timeslive

The projections made by the Suidlanders over the years have proven to be painstakingly accurate. Analysts are usually cautious to comment on how certain incidents would influence political and social stability, mainly for fear of not being welcome in a liberally empowered society. The Suidlanders is already unpopular among the leftist, not expecting the assumed successes of the rainbow nation to realize.

On 17 August 2012, we published an article under the heading “’n Nuwe Vlak (A New Level). The following were gathered from the events at Lonmin mine Marikana, where 34 miners were shot dead by police the day before.

The Lonmin shootings will surely have a huge impact on revolutionary buildup. According to studies by James C Davies regarding the steps in a buildup to revolution, one significant step is when the masses lose their trust in security forces to protect and safeguard them. Having that trust and feeling of protection is very important to keep a community stable and in peace. This feeling of protection has over the last years starting to crumble, but has yesterday been chattered in the psyche of the working class masses. You will, in the time’s ahead see an unprecedented increase in numbers and intensity of violent protest. What happened yesterday at Lonmin Marikana will be hauled a tragedy by our media, but very few will be able to accurately project the true impact it would have on intensifying the approach-time to full-scale revolution.

Three days later in another article Groot Fout Vir Stabiliteit (Big Mistake for Stability) we again discussed the political continue reading »

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A prophecy they want to hear

The word is out to the masses, now expect action to follow. As soon as a black “prophet” in Africa explained the death and destruction he saw coming for South Africa, the revolutionary  anarchist Julius Malema, commander of the EFF (economic freedom fighters) sets of to receive a blessing from the prophet.

Young people will start a huge and violent revolt in South Africa – but first, youth leader Julius Malema will receive blessings from the Nigerian soothsayer who prophesied this. Malema and fellow Economic Freedom Fighters leaders left on Friday to visit Nigeria’s most famous – and wealthiest – charismatic preachers, TB Joshua.

They will pay him a “spiritual visit to meet and create friendship with this son of Africa and his congregation, and ask for blessings for the journey ahead”, according to a statement issued on Friday.”

continue reading »

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Genocide update

An update of attacks over  the past 3 months, thanks to the hard work of Sunette Bridges

In 92 Days I recorded 170 Attacks on 281 Victims. 11 Women and 2 Men were Raped and 56 White people murdered!

MAY ATTACKS: 31 Days, 75 Attacks, 107 Victims, 7 Raped, 24 Murdered!

JUNE ATTACKS: 30 Days, 52 Attacks, 97 Victims, 2 Raped, 16 Murdered!

JULY ATTACKS:  31 Days, 43 Attacks, 77 Victims, 4 Raped, 16 Murdered!


Attacks by Race, Gender and Province: 

Black on White: 170 attacks, 281 Victims continue reading »

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Untold violence

This is just another example of how the South African public is being kept in the dark. A newspaper reported today that service delivery protest in Kokosi, a small black community near the town of Fochville turned violent . This was the first word spoken in the media about violent protest going on there. Although violent protests is a daily occurrence in SA, this is seldom reported.

continue reading »

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